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We are the Southern New England American Association for Laboratory Animal Science!

SNEAALAS is a non-profit professional organization which promotes the humane and ethical use of laboratory animals in order to develop meaningful, and life saving therapies that benefit either human or animal kind.  Our members are advocates for the humane care and treatment of the laboratory animals entrusted to them, promoting animal welfare in the truest sense each and everyday they report to work. 

Very broadly speaking, we are a group of animal lovers who entered into this industry because of the opportunity it offers not only to work with animals on a daily basis, but to actually improve the quality of their lives by making beneficial impact on their environment. 

SNEAALAS strives to promote the education of both our members and the general public.  

For our members we offer educational meetings to introduce industry best practices in laboratory animal science.

In support of member education, we offer a scholarship each year for one of our members to attend the QuadAALAS and District 1 educational events.  We also offer the opportunity to for 20 members to attend the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, Inc. (MSMR) Full day Enrichment Symposium so that they can learn about cutting edge enrichment concepts, products, and industry best practices that are available to incorporate at their place of employment to improve the lives of the laboratory animals in their care. 

SNEAALAS seeks opportunities to increase public awareness of the ethical use of animals in reseach.  For the public, in addition to the resources on this website, we are also available for classroom workshops and discussions to help students and teachers understand the laboratory animal science industry, and the concept of animal welfare vs. animal rights. 

SNEAALAS has formed an outreach committee to explore opportunites to provide support to like- minded organizations and to shine a light on the human-animal bond that exists in the field of laboratory animal science.

If you would like more information on public outreach, please email our Website Administrator.



SNEAALAS Proclamation
Approved by the AALAS Board of Trustees, September 2000

The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science acknowledges and declares our gratitude to and respect for the laboratory animals we use.  We acknowledge the privilege granted by the society that enables us to continue to use them in conducting essential scientific discovery, efficiency and safety testing.  The Association and its membership reaffirms its resolve to continue to be at the forefront of improving the humane use of animals that are necessary to conduct research that will continue to lead to the better health and well-being of both animals and humans alike.  The Association accepts these serious responsibilities with due regard to both the potential benefits and the ethical costs implicit in research conducted with animals.




Southern New England American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, P.O. Box 837, Marion, CT 06444

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