New England AALAS


Organizations &

AAALAC International - Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care

AALAS - American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

ACLAM - American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

ASLAP - American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners

AMP - Americans for Medical Progress

AWI - Animal Welfare Institute

ARENA - Applied Research Ethics National Association

CALAS - Canadian Associaton for Laboratory Animal Science

FBR - Foundation for Biomedical Research

FELASA - Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations

FRAME - Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments

ICLAS - International Council for Laboratory Animal Science

ILAR - Institute for Laboratory Animal Resources

LAMA - Laboratory Animal Management Association

LASA - Laboratory Animal Science Association ( UK)

LAWTE - Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange

NABR - National Association for Biomedical Research

PRIM&R - Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research

SCAW - Scientists Center for Animal Welfare

SUBR - States United for Biomedical Research

UFAW - Universities Federation for Animal Welfare

Local Organizations

BioCT - The industry voice for bioscience in Connecticut

MSMR - Massachussetts Society for Medical Research

NEBAALAS - New England Branch of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science




Alternatives & Databases

Alternatives Search Service - UCDavis Center for Animal Alternatives

Alternatives to Skin Irritation Testing in Animals

ALTWEB - John Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Animal Welfare Information Center
Center for Animal Welfare - University of California - Davis

CAAT - John Hopkins University, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

ECVAM - European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods

In Vivo Imaging CommunityundefinedResources For In Vivo Imaging Researchers

Information on Alternatives Databases - Norwegian Reference Centre for Laboratory Animal Science and Alternatives

InterNICHE - 15 steps in the design and statistical analysis of animal experiments and information about isogenic strains.

NC3Rs - National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction of Animals in Research

NORINA (Norwegian Inventory of Alternatives)


University of California Center for Animal Alternatives


ALL - AALAS Learning LIbrary


North Carolina's Bioscience Clearinghouse

PSBR - Pennsyvania Society for Biomedical Research

SHARE - Speaking Honestly-Animal Research Education

Enrichment Record- A quarterly e-zine for sharing all things related to enrichment!


Southern New England American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

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