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Teamwork & T-Cells

  • 04 Oct 2022
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Yale West Campus-Event Room B

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Oct 4th Fall Educational Meeting for Technicians, Managers, Scientists and Veterinarians from 2pm-4pm

2 exciting speakers; 2 great topics, 2 CEUs for attendees!  Light refreshments will be provided.

Parking is very easy at Yale West Campus.  

CORRECTED ADDRESS: The address is West Campus Conference Center Event Room B. 800 W Campus Dr  West HavenCT 06516

  • A brief update from the SNEAALAS BOD
  • As part of our Fall educational meeting, we are excited to host "Ann Turner's final farewell tour" as AALAS Executive Director. (Dr. Ann Turner is retiring at the end of 2022.)
  • Title:  Teamwork: Fact or Fantasy 
  • Teamwork is a word often heard around facilities, in offices, in board rooms, at home and in church.  What does it mean? What is a “good team” and what makes a team go sour?  This presentation will focus of factors that influence teamwork in the laboratory animal science field including compassion fatigue and the cost of caring, love of animals, educational and experiential background, and the importance of leadership.  The disruption of Covid and the impact of the pandemic on work and personal environments will be noted along with potential strategies for coping with the disruption in the short range and integrating positive change in the long run.   By Ann Turner PhD, FASAE, CAE. Executive Director AALAS and the AALAS Foundation
  • For our second speaker, we are excited to welcome our current AALAS President, Marc Hulin, DVM, DACLAM.
  • Title: Cancer & Animal Models: CAR T-Cell Therapy
  • Cancer is the #2 killer of people in the United States at a rate of 600,000 annually. The standard therapies for cancer treatment still include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. However, current research has under covered the power of the immune system in developing new therapies that could potentially be more effective by using the immune system and personalized medicine to attack cancer in a novel and innovative fashion known as immunotherapy. Immuno-oncology is growing increasingly in popularity to attack cancer at the heart of its mechanism to grow within the patient. The development of CAR T-Cell therapy and animal models in cancer treatment provides a new tool in the toolbox to fight cancer. The presenter will provide a foundation on this new therapy for cancer patients and how animal models are used to exploit research opportunities in this arena.
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